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Temporarily away from the US. Travelling the world from Aug 2010 - Aug 2011.
Current Location: Germany/Netherlands
Next Location: Australia (Mar 30)

Used to spend many a weekend up in San Luis Obispo. And the drive up the 101 was always nice. Though, with everyone at Cal Poly since graduated. I have no reason to head up that way anymore.

Now in San Diego, working myself in a better job than I was in Calgary. It's nice down here -- but gets too hot on numerous occasions. However, the winters are much better than up in Canada.

Wondering how to make the transition from Computers/Engineering to Art industry (also taking into account that I don't want to head back to Canada)

Finished at the University of Calgary.
- Bachelors of Engineering in Softeware Engineering
- Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Painting

Have way too many interests, ranging from Linguistics, Art, Fur(suits), Currency, and Wolves. Webpage has been in a constant state of flux for the past two years (ever since it was 'purged' for my 'convenience') and only recently have I actually begun the programming for it.

Travel: Bocholt, DE
Previous Location: Hagen, DE
Travel: Barcelona, ES
Travel: Hannover, DE
Travel: Krefeld, DE
Previous Location: Weilerswist, DE
Travel Location: Vienna, AT
Travel Location: Stelvio, IT
Travel Location: Davos, CH
Previous Location: San Diego, CA, US
Previous Location: Calgary, AB, CA
Previous Location: Thunder Bay, ON, CA

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